Name given to guys who are completely LEGIT. He is the life of the party, the one who everyone wants to hang with. GoodBoy is a really nice guy on the outside. But he is a total BadBoy on the inside. You want to know this guy because he will make you laugh and smile whenever you see him. Also, he is a total hottie.
"Alright!! GoodBoy is here. That means this party is officially started."
by The GoodBoy March 18, 2010
Top Definition
a boy split between two conflicting personalities: 1) a good, mama's boy who frowns upon perversity and homosexual jokes. innocently ignorant and oblivious. 2) a spasmatic, sexual deviant with the mind of hannibal lector and pee wee herman rolled into one.
However, the term "good boy" more commonly refers to the latter, more controversial side.
verb form: "To good boy" - to mask sexual deviancy behind a facade of ignorance and innocence.
Daniel Huang is a good boy.
Danie Huang is pulling a good boy.
Oh good boy.
So good boy.
by David Chang December 13, 2004
An individual who does retarded things without realizing how ridiculous what they are doing is.
Ya, that guy's a goodboy...
by NoOne0 August 12, 2013
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