A feeble weak minded organism usually found monging out on a chair looking dazed struggling to communicate with his peers. He is the originator of the language known as “Goochish” which basically involves slurring words as much as possible, responding with growling and grunting noises when English talking folk question what he just said. He tends to dispense common phrases during conversation because thinking is such an exhausting activity for him. He has no hobbies or pastimes other than playing his Xbox and “Big Chillin” (Long vigorous sessions of masturbating). There are rumours that Gooch is actually gay because he sadly hasn’t actually touched a female before and dresses in tight metrosexual catalogue clothing, also moves in an all round camp manner. Every time he eats he is guaranteed to spill half of his meal onto himself but even if he doesn’t he’ll use his socks to clean his hands up afterwards. He is extremely clumsy, on one occasion managed to lose all his money during one evening in 3 separate places. He likes to be in solitary confinement playing Battlefield 2 and making dumb desktop backgrounds he finds cool but really he likes the isolation because there isn’t anyone to laugh at the retarded things he does.
"Oh my god Gooch has broken 3 IPods in about 3 months!"

Dave: Why are you called Gooch?
Nathan Gauci: Because i'm named after the space between your ball sack and asshole.
Dave: ...Oh
by Matthew Szwandt May 30, 2006
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Gooch, A.K.A. "grundle" is the area that attaches ones sac to ones ass-hole.
When i play sports, i have to powder my gooch to prevent extreme amounts of irritating sweat.
by Zack Fienberg January 15, 2003
area between nuts and ass hole. guy cooch = gooch
i have cancer of the gooch
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
Skin between you nutsack and asshole
I have a huge gooch.
Dude, stop playin with your gooch.
I whacked it for 3 hours last night, and my gooch hurts like a bitch.
by Dirty Jew October 28, 2002
This body part
Keeps things apart
sep'rating balls
from where shit calls...
When im a bad boy my mama bites my gooch
by Chuck Mangionnni February 04, 2009
Noun: Gooch - The tender area that resides between the ball sack and the Anal cavity
Example: Henry was loading a couch into a truck and slipped and cracked his gooch. He than cried out "Ouch! I cracked My gooch!"
by Michael49 August 24, 2005
the area between the male genitals and the anus
let me lick your gooch clean, pappa.
by Dr. Julius Goatse March 21, 2003
The piece of skin connecting the scrotum and testes to the poop chute. The gooch is also attached to the bacon strip which is located directly on the undercarriage of the testes.
I think i need to get deodorant for my gooch, it always sweats profusley, I think the gooch glands are swollen.
by Penile Fitness December 04, 2002
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