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Rooting from the scottish verb "goub", a type of joyous dance routine, combined with the german word "schnitzel" which is a thin, seasoned veal cutlet, normally dipped and fried in batter.
The phrase itself means to brutally beat, maim, bludgon, stab and/or murder another individual. This individual taking the beating is noramlly an imbilclie, a.k.a. "Dipstick" or "dumb as a slab of meat" (deriving the root word "schnitzel"). This beating must also be done in a joyous, more towards insane, way (deriving the root word "goub").
This term is normally used in a type of joyful warcry by the assaliant.
Bully: "Give me that toy" (takes toy away from kid)
Kid: (slaps bully, and straps explosives around the bully's face) "GOOBERSCHNITZEL!!!!!"

(Bully's head is incinerated in a brutal explosion)
by Akumu Ninja November 23, 2006