Gonzaga is a school for fruits. People who are gay, rich, stuck up preppies attend this queerass purple school. They like to pop their collars like it's "hot" but in reality, they're a bunch of fuckin preps that need to stop teabagging people. Oh and purple is gay, so is pink, fuckin stop the pink poloshirts you Zagfags.
Man, I'm glad I don't go to to Gonzaga, those fags would toss my salad like it got stuck in a drier.
by Fuckthat March 04, 2005
Full of a bunch of faggots whor hate every other school because they didnt get into them. Probally 10 cool kids in each class who legitematly had Gonzaga as their first choice the rest of u r fucking rejects who r bitter at every other school that rejected ur asses. U all try to be the coolest kids in the world and smoke and drink just to act cool when u just look like fucking posers.
hey look there r some hot girls give me a cigarette so shell think im cool
by Sean Locjacono February 24, 2005
a school who deeply admires st. johns
gonzaga kid: Hi my name is Bob, i go to gonzaga.
st. johns kid: oh i go to st. johns , im going to leave now...
gonzaga kid: JEEPERS! you go to st. johns?! wow...you are my hero
by JOHNIE April 07, 2005
guys are incredibly gorgeous there which sux because they are all gay.
girl: omg that prep guy is hot
girl 2: no! that one from gonzaga is hotter
girl: omg you're right too bad he is gay
girl 2: hey look at that SJC guy
girl: damn he is even hotter and probubly great in the sac
girl 2: not to mention he is strait. you know what I have a great idea lets have a threesome with that hott SJC guy
by Lugh May 02, 2005

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