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A person who gets drunk shockingly fast after only a moderate amount of alcohol.
Dude, was Chizzle at the party last night?

Yeah, he was gone in 60 seconds.
by LilJonathan April 15, 2007
Premature ejaculation.
Larry: How was your date with Sally last night?

Joe: Unfortunately, I played the leading role from my favorite movie Gone in 60 Seconds.

Larry: Ahh, That's too bad. Want another beer?
by uOFuMJ May 02, 2007
last night this boy took me up to his room, promised me a nite of long hard love making,he cumed after bout a mintue, hence gone in 60 seconds
gone in 60seconds can as well relate to pre ejaculation
by johnnyryan18 March 08, 2009