1. A relationship between two people who ride the “GO Train” a commuter train operated by the Government of Ontario in Toronto, Canada.
Strangers Fred and Elizabeth began to talk while riding the GO Train which eventually turned into a gomance. They are now contemplating joining the Corridor Club.
#go-mance #romance #bromance #homance #momance
by BillyRaeJoeBobJr October 11, 2010
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2. A relationship where the two people are separated by a great distance and they have to “go” or travel to see each other.
John and Sally lived 300 kilometers apart and had make plans to go to see each other. Their gomance flourished but the bus rides were long. (www.gomance.ca)
#go-mance #romance #bromance #homance #momance #corridor club
by BillyRaeJoeBobJr October 11, 2010
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