Short for gollywog, a doll collection given away after x number of tokens from the side of jam jars were sent away. Purchasing one jar a week, it took several years to amass the entire collection. These dolls were outlawed after they were claimed to be politically incorrect, although dolls are worth £50 ($80) each.
I found an ancient collection of gollies last year.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
An Australian colloquialism for hoiking/clearing your throat of nasal drippings (snot/phlegm) into a ball to enable you to spit it out (or swallow it back down if you so desire).
I have a bad headcold and I can feel the snotty, sticky phlegm sliding down the back of my throat. I couldn't swallow the phlegm without gagging, so instead I did a golly and spat it out.
by kiwiora August 07, 2011
To finally spit a substance culminated and harvested in the chest/lung region.
Can refer to the actual spit or the process of "Hock-ing" it up and out.
"See that huge golly I just did?"
"I need to golly."
"I need to do a golly."
"I got a fat golly in my mouth."
by Diego June 29, 2003
As gay as possible, but still heterosexual, like wearing wings and a g-string to a victoria's secret convention, and your a male
My friends and I were participating in a golly good time of all male swimming in tight nut-huggers, yet we are all straight
by James Eugene Miller February 16, 2009
A slang word that can be used in place of "jelly" or "hole".
"Whoa, that guy has a huge buttgolly."
"This donut has a delicious golly filling."
by Mrs. Phyllis Torgo March 22, 2005
slang term for marijuana, esp in northern sydney with the greek and lebanese youth
y'all wanna go smoke some golly
by tin July 29, 2004
A word that can be used in place of "jelly" or "hole".
"Whoa, that guy has a huge buttgolly."
"This donut golly is delicious."
by Mrs. Phyllis Torgo March 22, 2005

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