1. Douche bag advertiser who tries to reach the adolescent market by creating definitions for their product in the Urban Dictionary.
2. Douche bag Consumer who creates definitions for brand names in the Urban Dictionary.

1. To hoodwink, swindle or con.
I thought it was going to be an entry about pissing on someone, but it turned out to be a golden spoon trying to peddle frozen yogurt.

There are too many golden spoons on Urban Dictionary as evidenced by the earnest entries found for Nike, iTouch, iPod, Gucci, j crew, ad nauseam.

I wish the editors of Urban Dictionary would purge all the bogus entries made by golden spoons along with all the rapid screeds that define exactly nothing.

I can't believe that guy golden spooned me into reading about consumer goods!
by lc13 October 09, 2007
The middle cuddler of a group of three.
The middle spoon is the golden spoon
by beach-weekender July 22, 2011
the most amazing frozen yogurt ever. New flavors every month with a variety of topping to choose from. sizes go from mini or child to small to regular then large then pint. all starting at around $1.50 and then upwards of around $4 for a pint....amazing
"what are you going to be getting from golden spoon???"
"pumpkin pie and cheesecake with chocolate chips"
by SFSUmissesGS September 24, 2007

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