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The finest neighborhood in America's finest city. Golden Hill occupies the area bounded by 16th street, 30th street, E street and Ash street. It is mostly a working class Latino neighborhood, but also has enclaves of African American, Asian and White people living in it. In recent years, Golden Hill has become a popular residence for young people, particularly recent college grads and the artsy-fartsy community.
Me: Hey, I just moved into Golden Hill

Terry: Aww damn, dude, you livin' in the 'Heel? Sheeeeeeeeeee-it!
by andrea johnson June 14, 2004
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A neighborhood behind San Diego's downtown defined by its hipster, indie and fixie-pixie populace, Golden Hill is the bratty baby brother of adjacent alternative culture neighborhood North Park. Home to the hipster hotspot triage of Guy Fiori'ed Luigi's Pizzeria, Krakatoa Coffeehouse and Turf Supper Club, the neighborhood is a tattoo parlor and piercery away from having its residents never need to leave its boundaries.
What makes you think you're better than everyone else?

I live in Golden Hill.
by aceofhearts007 August 18, 2011
An methodology for writing ineffective computer software that, although it probably cost the user anything, doesn't work.

Is a varient on open source software. See also 'cowboy'
It doesn't work. I bought it from Goldenhill.
by Martin September 30, 2003
If a girl has strawberry blonde hair, she doesn't have a bush. She has a GOLDEN HILL!
Her curtains match her golden hill.
by Pooky the Petunia November 17, 2006

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