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A "Gold Sink" is a term used in MMORPGs for any game mechanic that is designed to remove money from the game's economy. This can be things like vendor purchased items, equipment repair, sales taxes & fees or even mailbox costs.

The idea behind this is to help remove money from the economy to curb inflation of the game's economy, although in most cases this is met with only limited success.
"My armor repairs were so expensive! Nothing but a damn gold sink!"
by Castynn July 27, 2008
A goldsink is a method of removing fantasy currency from a roleplaying website's economy.

It is designed to indirectly control inflation; if people don't have the gold to spend, people can't charge higher prices because the item will never sell.
"I spent 2000 gold on this hair; now I have to delete it?!"

"Yep, hair's a goldsink."
by BatDyke September 21, 2006
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