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1. To be so overloaded with study that one will temporarily discontinue any relationships and/or one's social life in order to find more time

2. To be so fed up with maintaining relationships that one will stop answering one's phone, email etc and will seem to disappear off the face of the earth.
1. Friend One: "damned yearlies comin' up, im going underground for a bit"
Friend Two: "lemme know when u get back"

2. "fuck the world. i'm going underground for a bit"
by funky_chicken August 04, 2007
Related to New York speak: going onto the subway and so losing wireless connection. Usually means that the person will be unavailable for a while (even up to an hour and a half).
text message reads: "going underground"...Note: Don't give up on your friend for several days, just for a few hours until they gain a wireless connection again.
by Groverino September 18, 2012
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