An anime trend which describes a person who not only owns a pair of aviation goggles but also has vast amounts of hair which sticks out rather than hang down as well as acts as a leader in a group or multiple groups of people. In some cases they are also known to wear gloves.
The trend is not widely accepted in real life as most people either:
a) Fail to make the above qualifications.
b) Do not own an actual pair of aviation goggles.
c) Make it routine to get up every morning and put them on.
Tai Kamiya (in his early years) , Takato Matsuki, Davis Motomiya and Takuya Kanbara are all known as geing called "Goggle boy" by their friends/peers.
by John Ball (F/Sgt. Ball) January 30, 2008
Top Definition
Any number of goggle-wearing protagonists found in anime and manga. Characterized by massive aviator or welding goggles worn around the neck or head. If there is a group of misfit kids, the goggleboy is always the leader. Usually spiky-haired and hyperactive, goggleboys are a staple of the media along with catgirls and giant robots.

Contrary to the name, goggleboys do not always need to wear goggles. Non-functioning sunglasses, bandannas, or just extra spiky hair along with single-minded determination and hyperactivity qualify for goggleboy status. Not all goggle wearing boys qualify for goggleboy status.

Tai and all his successors from Digimon are eponymous to the goggleboy image.
"Just cause your obnoxious and wearing those speedo goggles around your neck, doesn't mean I'm going to follow you though the woods."

"But I'm the goggleboy! I've got tons of cute charisma so you have to do what I say."

"No. Just, no."
by skypiratejack October 26, 2007
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