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godsmuck means any reference or utterings about god(s).
usually from godgobbers.
The catholic cult have recently set up their own godsmuck site on YouTube.
They can now more easily spread their never ending plethora of nauseating godsmuck dogma and rhetoric around Planet Ours via this very popular internet website.
The pope originally condemned the internet & YouTube as part of The Devil's Playground.
But now he's hijacked it in another attempt to indoctrinate more people in the world.
by Sym Bollocks January 29, 2009
it's what godgobbers rave on about
the amount of pathetic godsmuck and jesus junk spread about by godgobbers is nauseating
by Auzziegob. November 19, 2008
godsmuck is all the jesus junk malarky and rubbish that godgobbers rave on about
godgobbers are complete fools believing in all that biblical godsmuck and jesus junk .
It's all total bullshit.
by Auzziegob ! November 19, 2008
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