industrial band who allen wants to have sex with
o allen, put your head head in my butt
o katie, your penis is so much bigger than mine
by matt May 11, 2003
Top Definition
Oral sex rendered so exquisitely that the recipient soars headlong into a state of union with the divine ineffable.
The way you do me, it's beyond good head. It's *godhead*.
#fellatio #cunnilingus #analingus #rimjob #suck #blow #blowjob #deep throat #head #lick #slurp #cummunion
by jamchugger January 09, 2014
Supreme Being; Jamie Platinum
Jamie Godhead Platinum
#god #godology #religion #intellect #knowledge
by President Jamie Platinum August 18, 2011
Probably the worst wannabe industrial band to every present itself. Thinks they're scary by wearing makeup and lipstick.
Godhead blows, put on some Ministry.
by dumb kids these days May 12, 2003
And exceedingly large penis head, outweighing that of the average pornstar.
Oh James, you promised me Godhead, but all I see is smurfhat.
#smurf hat #size queen #head #god #muff
by muffmasta April 02, 2007
The highest level of human. Often used as a compliment.
I love you, man. You are a total God Head!
#compliments #godhead #god-head #rodney bingenheimer #mayor of the sunset strip
by Miss Black May 04, 2006
One of the most fuckin' awesome industrial bands out there.
Consisting of :

Jason C. Miller (vocals, guitars)

Mike Miller (lead guitar, backing vocals)

Method (programming, bass guitar)

James O'Connor (drums)

Some kid with good taste in music : *stab, stab, stab, stab*
by Ibanez April 11, 2005
One of the most kick ass industrial rock bands that have owned it up and kicked alot of other bands as by being just bad ass
GayAssAsian: I hate gODHEAD
Me: ...."no words but the sound of a gun shot"
by Void April 20, 2003
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