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Anyone who spreads the word of God, inflicting it on others, usually without their consent!
Oh sh*t! The god botherers are coming! (Said prior to Jehovah's Witnesses ringing your doorbell)
by Mike Bailey October 22, 2003
A person who bothers poor old God too much with their excessive annoying devotion.

& who tries to convert people to the lord.

God: STFU.
God Botherer: I love you. Thank you, praise you, man.
God Botherer: *whimpers* But I love you!
God: Well, I really don't love you. Thanks anyway.

by HALBHALB May 22, 2008
Noun: Person with floppy arms living in fear of a Deity which probably doesn't even know they exist. Usually interfering hypocrites.
I see the god botherer hasn't cleaned her teeth again.
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
a person who knocks on your door at an ungodly hour sunday morning, in an effort to convert you to the worship of his/her faith.
Housemate1: who was at the door?

housemate2: bloody god-botherer.
by adrian the great of Albany September 07, 2008
Looks like that skanky, workshy god botherer has left us up shit creek again, depressing self-righteous individual that it is
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
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