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1. the desire to get the best possible grades by choosing classes that are very easy for you

2. the desire to get a good education by spending a lot of time to obtain a very deep knowledge of subject being studied
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We have advised my younger daughter to select her high school courses based on the highest level for which she can easily receive an A or B. I always believed that challenging yourself meant taking any class in which you were interested and giving it your best shot. However, there is no reward if you try and fail. So sadly, I want my younger daughter to "go for the grades" rather than challenging herself and stretching to learn more. It seems that the higher GPA will open doors to more colleges and also to more merit-based aid to be able to afford the colleges.

for #2
(from S. Covey book) the P/PC balance balances going for the grade and paying the price to get an education
by AK.69 February 29, 2012
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