a term of letting go, going stupid, a type of dancing,
go dumb usa. look it up on youtube.com
by dattwunchiqq January 08, 2007
Go Stupid
Do Dumb.

Bay area version of "get crunk"
Go stupid.
Go dumb (dumb)
by Bay Area Bitch April 15, 2006
riding the yellow bus going stupid dumb retarded or the opposite of crunk
you can see me go dumb cuz i aint no punk
by xX jaime Xx February 27, 2006
Another stupid word that some rapper made up, and everyone says now.
A term that mexicans use to call something cool.
Mexican #1 : Dude! that picture Go Dumb!
Mexican #2 : Ya! lets go get some Burritos! and get Stupid!
by EsWossKid March 21, 2006

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