a bffl that you met like three days prior to the establishment of gnomie-hood.
yo nigguh we gnomies already we met at the party last week
by nigguhs and gnomies for real July 04, 2009
Top Definition
A person that is like a good friend but is short. Sometimes wears a sweatshirt that has a pointy hood.
"What's up my gnomie?!
by Spartan14 March 27, 2009
Typically a gnomie can be found chilling with his other gnomies. Can also be found stealing rocks from yards, passed out on a bathroom floor, tipping taxi drivers $1 on a $20 ride, etc. A gnomie will NOT be found in Portland.
Q: What are you doing tonight?
A: Going to chill with my gnomie (s).

by Chuzzler April 15, 2009

1. A lawn gnome wearing excessive bling.

2. An African-American lawn gnome.
American rap artist T-Pain is said to have multiple gnomies in his lawn.
by Ladderwalker86 February 03, 2009
a small, strange looking animal that appears to be a cross between a shark, a seal, a shrimp, a small dog, a bug, a donkey, and a rabbit. it is extremely attracted to cheese. (aka, my dog)
look at that gnomie! it's kinda cute!
here, gnomie!
by Satinka January 22, 2008
Any girl who is very short
And likes calling people poopoo's as a swear
Gnomie, "Hey your a poopoo"
by MwahahahaahahahahaEM August 18, 2011
Gnomie or a gnomie is a pseudonym for a perfect faithful man. A gnomie makes great husband material.
I'll bet she's glad she left that other wanker now that she found herself a gnomie.
by puddles29729 July 21, 2016
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