A face you make when you've smelled some freshly rolled grass.
Ma$e was making his gnome face during the Big Boy Record party.
by Jeff Faust May 02, 2007
Top Definition
A face like you smelled freshly rolled grass.
Gnomie Wonder got his gnome face on, while ruddin' up his yard. Gia!
by Lolboy April 27, 2007

In similar fashion to trollface, yet more cheeky, cute and a little bit more annoying.
Gavin: Haha, Rickrolled and Trollface.jpg. GG!
April: Gnomeface.jpg, GFG!
by SienKungaloosh July 16, 2011
The mortal enemy of troll face. He has only one quest in life. To gnome the whole world.....There is no more trolling....only GNOMING!
Jared: yo i was on youtube last night watchin this music video and this dude was bein the biggest gnome face!!!

Mike: yo gnomes are so annoying...but not as bad as trolls.
by turbo6994 July 01, 2011
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