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Something thats so nice that it needs a G. Pronounced guh-nice
David: "Yo man, last night i got with like 10 chicks"
Jerry: "GNICE!"
by Jerry Martin June 21, 2007
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Pronounced nnn-ice with a strong emphasis on the rolling N at the beginning. Gnice is used to exclaim absolute joy in a given situation and is usually said at a louder-than-needed voice to ensure everybody knows just how gnice something is. It can also be used as a male greeting call at long distances.
Dude 1- Yo, I finally renewed my Xbox Live Subscription so we can play C.o.D again.
Dude 2- GNICE!!!!!!
by NotDoingWork April 04, 2010
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A fucking joke. A man who doesnt take care of his children and is particularly fond of lesbians (the butchier, the better). A nickle and dime mother fucker who plays like a hustler but actually asks women to buy him frozen wings and Timberland boots. A man who is so hideous that G-Nice should be G-Nappy.
G-Nice, where the hell did you get that name, and go wash the co-co puffs out of your hair. Had, any lesbian love lately, G-nappy.
by Oooh, rap to me daddy.... December 25, 2008
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