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the less intense form of gnarly. Not AMAZING, but pretty damn awsome.
Gnarley - "wow steve, you jumping out of that MOVING van was gnarley."

Gnarles - "wow steve, you jumping out of that van was gnarles."
by Rachel Is Legand May 28, 2005
Anything that is, awesome, respectable, and cool.
Random Guy- Hey bro I just found 5 dollars, lets hit the town.

His Random Friend- Gnarles man, lets roll.
by 13Phantom31 March 27, 2011
A variation, perversion of "gnarly."

1. An exclamation or verb used to describe something which is awe-inspiring, usually with twisted connotations.

See also: gnar-gnar
"That mangled dog twitching on the roadside was pretty gnarles, huh?"
by Ben Hashem October 04, 2003