extremely great...sorta like gnarly but way better then that.
damn, did u see her ass that bitch is gnar gnar!
by master August 09, 2003
A variation, perversion of "gnarly."

1. An exclamation used to describe something which is awe-inspiring, usually of something generally deemed to be "twisted"; most often said in a manner mocking of the speech typically associated with mentally retarded individuals.

See also: gnarles
"Dude! That's gnar-gnar!"
by Ben Hashem October 04, 2003
A word used to describe something that is favorable or cool. Can be used as an adjective or just as a means of ending a conversation. An alternative to word or any other saying of that nature.
Did you see Louie Barletta's part in Bag of Suck? I think it was pretty gnar gnar.

I dunno man, that ledge looks pretty gnar gnar.

Person 1: Ok man Ill call you later about hitting the park.
Person 2: Gnar gnar.
by Valhallaskates January 21, 2010
adj. Incredibly sick and twisted. Disgustingly mind-bending. Used outside of extreme sports to describe a bass-line or grouping of psychedelic sounds as heard in drum n' bass, dubstep, and many other genres of electronic music, hip-hop, and rock. Can also refer to visual art that is ground-breaking or brain-shattering, especially in the realm of graffiti and tagging.
Junglist: "Holy shit did you hear that bass-line? How the hell did they do that?! Shit is fucking gnar gnar!"

Head: "Have you seen that burner on 200 south? It's gnar gnar as fuck!"
by Jon Hunstman IV June 27, 2011
dinosaur for 'why thank you'
dinosaur: "Gnar Gnar!!!"
english translation: "why thank you!!!"
by tpubs October 30, 2011
A girl or guy who is by all means uglier than the average ugly. Doesn't have to be fat/skiny/etc, just plain ugly.
Phil drank so much on Friday, he ended up taking-down(See def.) a real gnar-gnar.

I wouldn't make out with that gnar-gnar if you paid me $10,000.
by donald123 May 04, 2005
a very gay variation on the word gnarly and one of the many words a douchebag would use
Man my skin tight parents aren't gay they're totally Gnar Gnar
by mexicunt November 19, 2009
a retard. someone that lacks the ability to do something.
"I can't believe that freakin' gnar gnar is here."

"Gnar gnar. Are you really that stupid? I can't believe you actually fell for that."

Joe Schmo: "Is Alaska another continent?"
Smarty Pants: "Gnar GNAR!" *slaps hand on chest*
by Jah-hone-eey October 12, 2009

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