Gay nigga, a person who is bieng really lame or idiotic. someone who has done something homo or lesbo. not necessarily a black person but an ignorant person.
Wow, that joke was so retarded, you a G.N.(gay nigga)
by hihomie456 March 02, 2010
to chill with your friends
what are you doin?
G'n wit my crew
by C-Dawg87 February 15, 2007
Grammar Nazi
- Your pretty awesome.
- YOU'RE!!!! YOU'RE!!!!
- Ok ok damn GN
by somenamelessdude May 05, 2012
Would look good naked (but does not look good how she is currently dressed)
Another response to "Wuhi" or She should be G.N.
by Henry & Cuz June 18, 2005
short for gamer nerd. one who obsesses over video games. common in xbox 360 users
person 1: Dude i played call of duty all night last night like usual.
person 2: Wow, how could you stay up all night and play call of duty 4, although it is a great game, to play it all night is wayyyyy too much. Therefore, you, my friend, are a GN.
by THE Mr. Jones April 20, 2008
Game Name

Used on battle net to ask the name of a private game.
Player1: gn?
Player2: gn: pro11
by Zanyac March 06, 2009
Acronym for gorilla nigga
Person 1: Hey gn wats up?
Person 2: Shut the fuck up you cracker!
by manchild September 12, 2004

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