Pronounced Jee-Mab

Stands for Get Me A Bucket, a bucket signifying the need for water to put out a fire.

Etymology - First discovered by a "number1" when kickin some serious arse at darts and coined still to this day by all and sundry.
Luke "staypuft" Puff "Jesus this guy is killin me at pool"

Jut "hes immense"

Jimmy pots another ball off of 3 cushions

"GMAB, I'm on fire!!!!!!!!!!"


"Get me a bucket, im too fucking hot"

by Number1guy April 24, 2009
Top Definition
An e-cronym for Give Me A Break. Used in e-mails and internet forums to save time typing.
Saddam loves George Bush? GMAB
by derelekt March 07, 2005
Give me a break bro!!!
Dan: "Man I'm sorry I have to work late today so we will have to wait until later to cruise for some super hot nude babes on the beach"

Fred: "GMAB"!!!!
by Rob Braxton August 01, 2013
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