genius not high
by theo September 05, 2003
(noun): a talent or force that is present in only some individuals from birth. Although this talent may be developed from continuously being the victim of someone else's glow. (see verb form)

(verb): to unmercily deteriorate an opponent or foe by verbally abusing him/her. Thusly, infinitley diminishing said persons self-esteem and/or ego.
'Hey Fred did you watch the roast of Flava Flav last night? They gave him the glow, I swear'

'Obama released his glow on McCain during the presidential debates..'
by TyFlyy91 June 03, 2009
Boys sweat; girls glow.
I gotta wash that halter top I wore to the club last night--I glowed all over it!
by Mariela April 27, 2007
a brand that stands for Girls Leading Our World.
I got this kiwi body spray from GLOW.
by Angelacia May 29, 2007
Money, cash or chedda.
Check out Paul he's flashing mad glow.
by Alex Stone January 16, 2004
a herpes bump on your body that glows in the dark
You got a big ass glow on yo face!
by ballin jr October 22, 2008
Male semen, sperm or cum
My boyfriend sprayed me with glow last night
by Red Shirt April 08, 2006

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