A hole in a wall/door leading to an office of a superior rank in which one uses to assist in the climbing up the company ladder.
Is Bendy at the glory hole again looking for a promotion?
by bendy4boss October 22, 2010
A hole in the counter at a coffeehouse, used to dispose of trash (send it to glory, as it were).
While trying to stir sugar into his expensive Starbucks venti latte, he knocked it over into the glory hole.
by SuperDuperBarista December 24, 2010
a whole in the seperation of stalls in a public restroom used for anonymous oral sex with the person next to u. Used mostly by homosexuals do to the fact that most public bathrooms are seperated. watch out if u see one and the person next to u isnt gay they might kick ur dick and break it.
i went to rainbow park and and had to use the bathroom there was a guy in the next stall and there was a whole in the stall that said suck here and then he slid his dick in there so i thought ahh what the hell and grabbed it and pulled it as hard as i could and he got stuck so i went piss washed my hands and slashed his tires.

i saw a glory hole in a bathroom in the mall so i stuck inserted where it said to and hey i got a free bj. but i felt guilty so i slid a twenty under the stall
by mikethecoolness January 10, 2005
a hole in a booth that is "supposed" to be used for viewing porn film clips usually found in the back of a porn store. there is a row of booths each sharing a wall with the next one, and there is a hole in each wall separating the booths. homos go there and suck dick, or get their dicks sucked by other fags on the other side of the wall, by sucking a dick that comes through the hole, or sticking their dick through the hole into a gay faggot's mouth pussy on the other side
ahhh man, did you hear, steve was spotted down at the porn store wiping his mouth and leaving the glory hole booths last week
by gloryhole dick breaker offer August 10, 2009
1.) What a woman or emo chick starts to feel like, when she realizes that she is being used simply to perform blow jobs to who she thinks is her friend, but really is not her friend.

2.) The mouth of the woman being used merely for a blow job.
When James did not want her to hang out with him and his friends after his political meeting and only wanted her company when he did not have another blow job lined up, she realized that she was simply a glory hole to him, not a person with her own feelings, and he did not really want her friendship, only her mouth.

by Weezer Clone May 11, 2006
sticking your genitalia through a hole in a door or through a bagel hole; usually to scare away ugly chicks
Last night, this ugly bitch was knocking on my door so i stuck my dick through the glory hole
by alexmacksuglybitches January 18, 2009
The best place to put your penis( a girls butt )
Stick it in that glory hole tonight at the party
by Complex13 April 24, 2009
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