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1. a cheap, unethical bitch or asshole who loves to infringe on copyright and is going to get their nasty ass sued.

2. any artwork or clothing made with stolen or copied plans or designs.
Did you hear that glitterbiscuits was served with a cease and desist order! She also had to close her store. Boo-hoo, whore.
by ellipunch March 18, 2011
Very decorative fecal matter, often the result of consuming large quantities of children's toothpaste.
Oh man, I can't believe I ate that entire tube of toothpaste earlier. I just pushed out a huge glitter biscuit.
by A Pancake August 28, 2007
An art thief with no shame, moral integrity or respect to the artist whose ideas she so casually re-sold.
wow, you've really let yourself go, you fucking glitterbiscuit.
by idrawthings March 17, 2011
1). A female who has been known to either directly or indirectly (via transfer) apply glitter to her biscuit. Most commonly spotted in club environments, however may be seen in general public. Commonly abbreviated as simply "GB" 2). An attractive woman you wish to bone however have no intention of engaging in follow-up activities nor further communication with.
"Wow, I want to bone that glitterbiscuit" "Look at that GB"
by *rider September 10, 2008
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