The act of defecating into another person's mouth, then sealing it shut with clear packaging tape.
I gave her the glass-bottom boat.
by The Board of Vulgar Language September 21, 2008
when you wrap someone's face in plastic wrap and then shit on them
that girl let me glass bottom boat her, man i love shitting on people.
by stephanieboat February 15, 2007
The act of recieving oral sex from a partner and ejaculating in that partners mouth. And before that partner can "spit" the fluids out you wrap saran wrap around their mouth keeping the fluids in place as they slosh around. Creating a glass bottom boat effect.
Mo was totally giving oral to this guy last night and before he could spit it out he gave him a glass bottom boat.
by WBoz January 20, 2008
Have sex with some "PERSON" and wait till they they fall asleep. "when they are asleep" wrap their face with seran wrap, poke a hole so they can breath, and take a crap on their face. They wake up and see Brown (or green pending on 'doers' diet) crap on thier face
Shut up hoe before i glass bottom boat that purty face of yours.
by WholovesdaMonkey March 07, 2005
When you shove a gerbil up into your anal cavity (asshole) followed by a clear beverage glass or jar, as to trap the gerbil inside, but provide him/her with a spectacular view.
Friend 1: "Dude!! That poor gerbil!!!!

Friend 2: "Are you kidding me?? Dude, c'mon.....I gave him a glass bottom boat -he settled down after coming back to discover that shit!!"

Buttplug Looking Glass Bottle Return Salad Shooter Hamster Cage Easy Bake Oven Gerbil Trail
by Eskorpija May 20, 2016
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