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This is technically scientific and medical term for the condition widely known as "chodeism" or "chode". Chode is actually slang for glapsy itch and the vulgarity of the word came from a 1980's disco band called Wawly and the 5 Trisexuals. There platinum hit called "My Goddamn Piece of Shit Chode" co-starred Wawly's mother. During the song the artist Wawly referred to his mother as a "cummed on chode" and
therefor took off as the new word for glapsy itch.
"Wawly has the the hugest glapsy itch out of the whole band!"
"Yes that glapsy itch is ripping his pants right in half and the trisexuals are commensing to stuffing it back in!"

"Gloivy! How are we going to circumsize this? Its a damn glapsy itch!"
by DaKang February 06, 2007
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