the loose fitting skin that hangs around someones neck that at one time used to be a double chin.
that womans gizzard looks like a sack of wet diapers.
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
An amusing and scornful way of referring to someone.
Com' on gizzard, that isn't the right way to set stuffs up.
by Taj March 23, 2004
1. A word for the loosely fitting skin beneath an overweight persons neck.

2. The loosely fitting skin beneath the shaft of the penis, just above the scrotum.
1. Man look at that Gizzard on Al Roker.

2. I was giving him a bj and he started touching my hair,
so I gave his gizzard a little pinch.
by Valence September 28, 2007
The term used if a person has a very fat neck which makes it look like they have two over-lapping chins.
Child, lift your head up. You're makin it look like you have an ENORMOUS gizzard.
by Jorge February 14, 2005
Where you have a lot of chin fat that makes it look like you have a second chin.
Matthew, lift your head up, you're giving yourself a GIGANTIC gizzard. Tard.
by Jorge February 14, 2005
a silly way of calling a friend
what's up gizzard...also what's up gizz...
by oscar February 05, 2004
when a seventy year old man lays down on an operating room table, and his testicles hang down like a gizzard
yo man, look at his gizzard
by TheKingsDictionary September 13, 2007

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