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1.noun- one specially gifted in the craft of reducing words to their true meaning; a teller of truths.

2.verb- to extract the true meaning from a combination of words when these have been muddled by their author.
Origin: 2009, as a compound of 'gist' and 'smith', gistsmith was introduced into the American lexicon as a result of some people‘s inability to make sense. See entymonline.com for more info on 'gist' and 'smith'.
gistsmith jist-smith /dʒɪst/smɪθ/

1.noun- He is a gistsmith.
2.verb- Sophia gistsmithed her way through the senator's speech like it was nobody's business!

Visit www.thegistsmith.blogspot.com for examples of gistsmithing.
by G. Smithy August 23, 2009

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