Somebody that lives in a caravan and travels through their city in it.
Girl #1 walks past two other girls and heads for her caravan home.
Girl #2 - Dang, dat chick is a gippo!
Girl #3 - mmmm, bare gippo man! She lives in a caravan! Pfft!
by kitty-24 November 29, 2009
An immitation zippo usually sold at spencer's, sometimes has remotely funny phrases work exactly the same as a zippo but does not have the lifetime guarantee and breaks easier
I found a gippo in my bed today that says I'm not wearing underwear
by PyRoThEmAsTeRoFzIpPoS March 10, 2009
Affectionate, endearing term for a council house living gypsy - well that's what it means in Frome, Somerset

Oi you gippo
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
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