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Greasy, rat-tailed mullet haircut; denim, sleeveless jacket; Iron Maiden t-shirt; cruxifix earrings; tattooed arms. The quintessential gippler.
I was at a party the other night. Some gippler kept trying to put a Dire Straits CD on.
by Stevie D October 26, 2005
1. A heavy metal - or 'gippler rock' - fan, particularly one who dresses appropriately.

2. A subordinate whose role it is to perform menial and unrewarding tasks.

3. General purpose pejorative.
1. "Check out the mullet-haired gipplers head-banging to Iron Maiden over there."

2. "Don't worry about cleaning that up. One of the shop's gipplers will do it after we've gone."

3. "I can't believe you dropped your own dinner on the floor. What a gippler."
by Stevie D August 30, 2008
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