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when something is horrible, revolting, awful.
" Mate, my lass just finished me"
" Mate, thats gippin that"
by Gladders April 02, 2008
Heavily under the influence of one or more class A drugs, or can also be used to describe ones plans for the night “I’ll be gippin it tonight” or to point out ones condition “He/she is proper gippin”
"Hes/Shes gippin it" , "Are we going to be gippin tonight or what?"
by FTG Nico November 23, 2007
Extreme temperature. Can also be used to describe things such as bad breath. "his breath is proper gippin" or the appearance of a woman. "she is proper gippin" which suggests she is not very gud looking
"Its proper gippin in here"
by RikkiDesmo July 28, 2007
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