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Extreme temperature. Can also be used to describe things such as bad breath. "his breath is proper gippin" or the appearance of a woman. "she is proper gippin" which suggests she is not very gud looking
"Its proper gippin in here"
by RikkiDesmo July 28, 2007
when something is horrible, revolting, awful.
" Mate, my lass just finished me"
" Mate, thats gippin that"
by Gladders April 02, 2008
Heavily under the influence of one or more class A drugs, or can also be used to describe ones plans for the night “I’ll be gippin it tonight” or to point out ones condition “He/she is proper gippin”
"Hes/Shes gippin it" , "Are we going to be gippin tonight or what?"
by FTG Nico November 23, 2007