A ginger vagina often called a rob steventon...unshaven
Ginger snatch
by sps10 October 04, 2013
the slang term for a red-haired punani.
Yo, that bitch Kachina got a gingersnatch fo sho, man. I saw it last night while her cootchie was stankin.
by shittybitchmicrowave March 13, 2009
Originated from the words, Ginger and Snatch a "Ginger Snatch" is just a combination of these two. Ginger Snatch is a person with a red haired pubic area. Ginger Snatch people are inferior to day walkers, yet superior to fire crotches.
"Did you see that ginger walking down the hall today?"

"Yeah, I bet she has a ginger snatch, too!"
by Jess!ca April 08, 2008
A carrot-top's vagina; a play on the word (and delicious cookie) 'gingersnap.'
Lindsay Lohan... is a gingersnatch.
by P Rotten February 15, 2011

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