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One with red hair, who also has red pubic hair on their balls. Slang term for a ginger kid.
"hey ginger balls, you going to one of your dick meetings?"
by Paul Weber October 16, 2007
A derisive term for a red-haired male.
Hey you, hey gingerballs...where are you going? Are you going to a dick meeting?
by DIF October 12, 2007
The balls of a ginger(red haired person). Usually the person is lacking a soul.They are pale and suffer from the disease gingervitis.It is in fact an STD.Can be used as an insult to a ginger.
Ginger kid: Hey guys do you want to come out?

Group of kids: Ahhhhhhh.. Gingerballs!

Ginger kid:ohh never mind
by Chris-chin April 01, 2008
1: Testicles presumed to be freckled and sporting a red goatee.

2: Nickname for a male ginger who could be expected to have said gingerballs.
1: "I put a picture of my gingerballs on dude's phone."

2: "Hey, did I tell you gingerballs put a picture of his smooth spot on my phone?"
by skullcrusherrrrr July 11, 2010
The balls of a ginger man that are, generally, very tastey.
Timothy has red hair and so we can extrapolate that he has ginger balls.
by GB52s October 15, 2008
Joseph William Cash III
ginger balls
by Condor Attack February 07, 2010
A Poofter aussie model who likes to walk dogs, suck wangas, and engage in bro rape.
1.Gingerballs you suck at counterstrike.

2.Gingerballs, why do you have a 10 inch black dildo?
by Dave Genat August 01, 2007
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