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Minor illness of a heartbroken nature related to pining for someone of the Ginger sort (red-haired-ed)- the rarest of all of the humans.

Girl 1: Oh man that dude Chuck is so awesome! I've got the hugest ginger ailment for him. He's light bright, flamin' hott, and speckled like a cheetah. But that dood won't show me any love no matter how many loads of laundry I wash for him!

Girl 2: He is hot...and is all like Prince Harry charm mixed with David Caruso cool mixed with Ron Weasley awkward. I tried to hit that and all I got was this old moth eaten Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt to show for it..that I dug out of his garbage.

Girl 1: Sigh..

Girl 2: Sigh...
by Crèmebrûléed September 25, 2013
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