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A term used to describe women of a 'certain age' who are basically lushes.

'Gin Bag' means an elderly woman who spends the afternoon drinking too much alcohol and then talks absolute rubbish.

Usually a drunk and elderly battleaxe who talks too much and makes little sense. A lush.
The old gin bag wouldn't shut up.
#gin bag #drunk elderly women #lush #old bag #old bat #battleaxe
by pishytrishy June 19, 2008
5 Words related to gin bag
good friend, best mate, real niggah, awesome guy
generally just a great person to know or be friends with
"thats eddie, he is my fuckin ginbag"
"dick, fuck that cunt, he aint no ginbag of mine"
#gin #friend #mate #niggah #nigga #nig #buddy #bud
by ubungo October 01, 2006
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