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A gimppimp is a handicaped person who knows how to handle women. Hes one swave mutha on a wheelchair or cane.
You can see plenty of gimppimps in the tenderloin
by george kaskanlian March 28, 2007

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A gimp pimp is someone who sits there and pimps out gimps. Possibly to senior members of male schools to keep tied up in their offices.

Often similar to normal pimps, but instead referring to pimping out men in leather to bottom for other men...

however, the biggest pimp gimp has to be Natalie, who pimps them out to my teachers....
e.g omg has the Gimp Pimp been around, cos i cannot see any of the male staff anymore... nat d has been doing her work....
by Em!! January 04, 2006
A dominatrix with gimps for hoes
the gimp pimp was seen walking her gimps
by mr. Ninja August 19, 2006
Overweight, white crippled faggot
"Look at that gimp pimp!"
by Mike Williams August 22, 2004