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An emo kid who spends his day on xbox live with his good old buddy hermanitis. He dresses in dark cloths, with some poo ass converse shoes. On a daily basis he likes to give himself auto-fellatio since he can't get any. Wasting his way at home skipping school and sleeping in bed rotting away like a vegetable.
Mom: Gimmpy stop giving yourself auto-fellatio and do the dishes!
Gimmpy: Piss off im playing xbox live!
Mom: Don't make me stick these size 9s up your ass!
Gimmpy: Fine *slits wrists*
by Sublimis January 30, 2006
When a male that is interested in the male sex(homosexuality) were's very little clothing.
Chris, that outfit is like so gimmpy, you made Adam look hetero.
by TheLosersInc December 22, 2005