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Gilgamesh was an historical king of Uruk in Babylonia, on the River Euphrates in modern Iraq; he lived about 2700 B.C. ...For ur info he's not a gimp!!!! Read some books:)
What more do you want!!!! He's a historical figure
by Grabaka November 18, 2003
An adaptation of the Epic Of Gilgamesh hero, meaning something along the lines of mega awesome or pwnage.
"I just got us tickets to the Wailers."
"That's fucking gilgamesh, man."
by June 08, 2007
Something or someone epic beyond words, such as Gilgamesh himself. Something or someone worthy of having an epic written about them/it.
Example 1: Billy Mayes was the most gilgamesh pitchman ever.

Example 2: Those shoes are just gilgamesh.
by SASQUATCH 2.0 / FEEDMONKEYKING February 08, 2011
Noun: (alternatively Gilga)

Gilgamesh was the name of a World of Warcraft avatar played by a wife who was using the VoIP service Ventrilo to cyber with the male players of other avatars in her husbands guild. When the husband posted this information to the WoW Onyxia server forums, the entire ordeal engulfed the WoW community over the weekend of 8/10/2007 before ultimately being quelled by forum moderators. There is some reason to believe the entire story was faked, however, the name Gilgamesh has become synonymous with cheating, loose women in the WoW community.
That blood elf chic is a total Gilgamesh, she gives hawt ventsecks.
by Gonzo Joe August 13, 2007
1. noun. A villian in FF.
2. adj. Used to describe something pointless.
3. verb. To spam.
Needs more Gilgamesh!!!
by Needs more Gilgamesh! January 01, 2007
The name for a very large penis. A person who has a large penis may name it this.
chick 1: "Hey you see that guy over there?!"
chick 2: "Yeah?
chick 1: "Well i totally saw his Gilgamesh when he banged me last night!"

"There's a chick over there! Are you ready for this Gilgamesh?"
by steven beeee December 10, 2008
The god of rock!! also the word mesh can be used as an adjective when something is beyond awesome. Also you can use the prefix "Gilga-" with other words. Gilgamesh is more of a state of mind then a word or character. You must earn the right to be in the presence of Gilgamesh. To truly understand this phenomenon is beyond your control. He must communicate with you using a medieval process referred to as hairot...that can only be learned after completing the memorization of the Greek alphabet.
n. "I'm feeling something in this room, Gilgamesh is among us."

v. "Dude that is so mesh!!"

prefix. "Those beans are Gilgastuck."
by Colton May April 07, 2006
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