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def: someone who laughs alot naturally and is fun to hang with
background: ricky ramos
you're my little gigglebox!
by elyssa July 13, 2004
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One who laughs in such a cute way and is not able to stop. sometimes one begins to cry because they are so entertained with what is going on.

A substitute teacher in high school might call a young girl who is flirting with her crush a giggle box and say she should be quiet.
Rachel: Have you been around Kayleen today?
Melissa: No, why?
Rachel: Good. Stay away, she's such a giggle box today. I think it's because she's been around Logan.
by quicky. February 09, 2009
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Her name should be gigglebox because she doesn't have nothing to say
by itsyoboi69 October 18, 2016
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another name for smokin pot, since you can laugh insanely at pretty much anything and everything.
My friends and I hit up the giggle box tonite, man was I stoned.
by hkpp13 March 06, 2009
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