1.) One whose mother has amazing zoinkers
2.) Manchild
3.) One who has been known to motorboat buttcheeks
1.) "You like hot moms? Then let's go to Evan's house. He's a Gieselman."

2.) "Why is that grown man still playing video games with the kids? Oh - He's a Gieselman. Gotcha."

3.) "Nah man, Evan hasn't been eating chocolate. He's a Gieselman."
by EvanWishesLifeWasAnAnime January 16, 2007
The most awesome of awesome. Indescribably great (except by the use of this word). A shining beacon of near-perfection in a world filled with stuff that's something less.
Evan is so suave, sophisticated, intelligent, graceful...The list goes on. He's the best at everything. He's a Giesel-Man.
by Jeremy Lo June 14, 2006

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