a term often used by pro wrestlers to describe usually 2 or more opponents from the "other camp", implies they are bumbling knuckleheads, who's fighting style is similar to that of the "marx brothers"
> excert from long winded wrestling dialog : "so you and your your gibrones can kiss my"... the wrestler continues similar insults and harresment untill someone takes the microphone of him, or some actual wrestling takes place.
by sharman April 12, 2008
Top Definition
white trash, a term professional wrestlers use as an insult
he's a body building, tribal tattoo wearing, professional wrestling watching, jetski riding, white trash gibrone!
by scrawny ronnie June 28, 2004
Someone who acts like an idiot, a meathead. One who draws penises on desks.
Mr. Smith: Stop being a Gibrone, Paoletta!!
Paoletta: I'm not the Gibrone here, Chesney is.
Mr. Smith: Why? Because he's drawing penises all over the desks?
Chesney: Hey! one out of every six kids has that problem!
by leonardis May 19, 2008
-one who is so stupid he/she deserves a beating
-a good friend

-Giant Nipples
Listen up Gibrones!!!
I'm gonna kick that gibrone's ass

-Wow, Ramsey's got some Gibrones
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
1. Overly emotional human being
2. Man with large, protruding ribs
3. Man with pear-shaped pelvic region
See that kid in the emo glasses and Falloutboy hoodie over there? Kid's such a Gibrone.
by Prince January 07, 2005
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