Hottest chick to ever appear on Food Network. Great pair of tits. Nice face. And she can actually cook too.
I'd like to have sexual intercourse with giada de laurentiis
by god May 29, 2005
The hot guido on food network who makes tasty Italian dishes while teasing you with firm breasts and tomato red lips. Her show is the closest thing to food porn on basic cable. She is known for adapting traditional Italian dishes to a level of difficulty that someone as stupid as you could make. She also likes to make you feel bad by exaggerating the Italian pronunciation of words like pancetta (pan-cheyt-ta) and prosciutto (shove-your-cock-in-my-mouth). My girlfriend and her roommates think she has an abnormally large head.
Rachel Ray looks like she can suck some dick, but I'd bang the shit out of Giada De Laurentiis
by clarence beeks January 07, 2007

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