A white supremacist. Can only be a member of the Ku Klux Klan. This is in reference to their stupid white hoods that look like they are from the head of a ghost.
Saw me a couple ghostfaces when I was in Texas last weekend. I'm pretty sure that G. W. Bush was the head of their group.
by Vaughn the Enemy February 24, 2005
Top Definition
Wu Tang clan's GhostFace Killa.
"Raekwon, GhostFace, Method Man, Cappadonna, you get the drift.
by Diego August 17, 2003
A badass killer from the Scream trilogy whose main goal is to kill Sidney and her friends.

He is not just one person like Michael Myers and Jason. His mantle is assumed by 7 people throughout the Scream films (male and female).

All the people who were ghostface had similar skills and abilities. Their abilities are quite Batman-like than the other slasher killers; they have good stealth, are fast runners, are smart/cunning, can appear and disappear out of nowhere.
Sid: We have to get outta here. The killer is here.
Derek: Where?
Ghostface: Right here...
by ijustdontknow April 20, 2011
A term used to describe the appearance of toilet paper when it appears white after wiping one's ass with it, i.e. one sees a ghost face after wiping when no feces was collected on the said toilet paper.
I just wiped my ass and was lucky enough to get a ghost face.
by Rylando Boddington February 25, 2008
Someone who suddenly disappears when they were right next to you.
Kerry: So I ordered the pizza and I was like.......uh, Jason, where are you?

Tim: I think he just Ghostface'd you.
by realfoods April 20, 2011
When a girl is giving you a blow job and as your about to cum you throw a sheet over her head, and as soon as she gets out from underneath the sheet you cum on her face.
That girl gave me a blow job and she was so surprised when I gave her a ghost face
by johndoe888 November 03, 2010
The face of a person who has cum on their face.
I gave the girl a ghost face when I blew my load.
by johndoe888 November 03, 2010
The Act Of Disappearing From A Party Or Event Without Telling Anyone Your Going.
Friend1-"Where Is John"
Friend 2-"Dude I Think He Pulled A Ghostface"
Friend1="I Hate When He Does That"
by Sabe 1 May 08, 2005
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