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when you have money in your wallet or bank account that already has an intended use
I need this money to buy books for school, it's ghost money
by Otidi September 15, 2010
money that appears in a bank account but does not actually "exist" in the sense that it's required to pay a bill or rent, or a check was written for X amount and that amount in the account is untouchable
hey wanna go hit the bars tonight?
can't got no money
thought you just got paid?
yeah that's ghost money, it's rent week :P
oh.... bummer
by UM North Quad March 25, 2012
another way of saying worthless or broke
Dude 1: "dude, i totally am loaded with GHOST MONEY!!"
Dude 2: "that sucks man..."
by Nick463 February 09, 2008
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