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When someone passes gas within a group of people and no one knows who did it
Guy 1: "Dude that's nasty was that you?"
Guy 2: "No, was it you?"
Guy 1: "No, I swear."
Both guys: "GHOST FART"
by Funnyguy2314443423 September 26, 2013
When someone farts, and there's no one to blame but yourself.. just blame the ghost.
Dude! What`s that smell?
It must have been a ghost fart.
by way cool B] May 18, 2005
When someone farts while seated, sealing the smell under them. Later, upon getting up, the ghost fart is released, stinking up the surrounding area.
John: "Honey, could you get me a beer?"

Mary: "Sure thing babe." <gets up>


Mary: "Opps, sorry hun. I farted earlier. Must have been a ghost fart."
by SkinItBroham March 02, 2014
When your driving in your vehicle and and you smell a terrible fart and your all alone. You realize that it was the vehicle in front of you who farted and it traveled back into your face.
Holy docking bubble I think they guy I front of us just hit us with a ghost fart.
by dlboone24 October 08, 2014
When you walk into an area that smells like ass, but there's nobody there
You walk onto an elevator and it stinks like hell... "Damn, the last person on here either left a ghost fart or crapped their pants"
by Wierd_Ass_Karma March 28, 2014
when a fart sneaks up on you and just when you think its ok to let it rip,you shit your pants...
"honey whats that running down your leg?" GHOST FART!
by joejustice April 07, 2011
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