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The Elm Street Walmart in the ghetto of Erie, PA.

It is located at 2711 Elm St, Erie, PA.
Yo ma nigga! Me and Shaniqua are going to tha ghetto mart.
by hemp112 December 13, 2012
Noun. Any liquor store in your neighborhood. Usually located on a corner. A Ghetto Mart normally sells malt liquor, cigarettes, candy, cracky snacks (twinkies & nutty bars), microwaveable burritos, Lottery tickets and the like. Produce is usually limited to limes, potatoes and onions. They also stock Brillo pads, but normally keep them behind the counter, as to know who the neighborhood crackheads are.
Also known as a Crack Mart. Ghetto Mart owners are none to pleased to find out that you refer to them as the "Ghetto Mart", they usually say things like, "What's wrong with us?, Why are you dogging us? or, Why can't you just call us Lee's Market, after all that's what the sign say's, dosen't it?"
DJ Willow from Paris: Oh,Dag! were all out of Blunt wraps! I'm going to the Ghetto Mart to stock up, do you want me to get you anything while I'm there?

Jiffy: You're going? Hell Yes! Get me a case of Corona and a Cracky snack.

DJ Willow from Paris: Do you prefer a salty or sweet Cracky snack?

Jiffy: Um,...That's a toughie, better get me both.

DJ Willow from Paris: Okay, Roger That!
by DJ Willow from Paris June 23, 2007
A 24-hour convenience store, usually located in the bad areas of town and notable for frequent incidents involving hold-ups.First coined as a joke describing convenience stores like 7-11 and Getty-Mart
Hey bro' did you hear about who stuck up the ghettomart at 5th and Main?

Hold a second, I want to stop and grab some snacks at the local ghettomart.
by binydeamon January 13, 2009
Ghettomart is Adli food stores
"hey sweetheart, i'm gonna run to ghettomart!"
by AnthonyZ August 03, 2005
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